Who We Are

Our Passion:

Our GARN team has a very simple passion, serve the world by making clean wood heating equipment people love!  We focus our time and money into product research and development to make your heating experience with a GARN Wood Heating System second-to-none.

We’ll never be the cheapest or highest-volume wood boiler on the market, but we’re ok with that.  Our goal isn’t profit-first.  Our goal is to produce an exceptional product and exceptional customer experience.  Most importantly, we want our customers to love their GARN WHS and to love heating with wood!

To every new GARN WHS owner: we continue to feel blessed that you’ve chosen us to help heat your business or home, and we’ll continue to develop, engineer, and manufacturer better to make sure your GARN WHS continues to work as hard as you do.

Martin Lunde, PE

Founder and President of GARN® Wood Heating Systems

Owner of Dectra Corporation and developer of the GARN® product line.

Dectra Corporation is a consulting engineering firm that specializes in the design of residential, commercial and small industrial facilities with particular emphasis on conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy.