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GARN | Dectra Corporation has a strong commitment to education and outreach. We believe that educated consumers make better long-term decisions, become better alternative-energy advocates, and make the best, and most satisfied long-term customers.

This page features a dynamic collection of information, resources, and white papers related to Wood Heating, GARN Products, and alternative energy in general. Most of the information here originated as a feature in our e-mail newsletter “GARNews”. We send out GARNews on a semi-regular basis.  You can signup for the newsletter HERE.  The newsletter showcases GARN installations, discusses maintenance and best practices, and keeps you updated on everything that is GARN.

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Featured GARNews Articles


Article Title Description Date
The Real Cost of Cheap Oil The volatility of oil versus the beauty of wood. 2014-Dec-11
Best Placement for a GARN Unit The benefits of a sheltered, shed-type unit versus an outdoor unit. 2014-May-10
EPA Action Alert Update Requesting EPA public comments 2014-Apr-12
Why Emphasize Corrosion Protection? Corrosion protection is critical, but if there is a problem, GARN units are fully repairable. 2014-Mar-15
Introducing the GARN Jr The GARN Junior product line launches 2013-Aug-20
EPA Requires Efficiency Removals for Phase II Units Heating efficiencies of the EPA website proved inaccurate.  GARN unit efficiencies are accurate. 2013-Jul-05
Why GARN? Simplicity makes GARN different, efficient, and it’s why we do what we do. 2013-Jun-10
About Clean Burning EPA Testing Update – Issues with the listed efficienies of other manufacturers 2011-Nov-05
Tax Credits for GARN® WHS Units Tax Credit qualification form for Biomass Tax Credit (2010 through 2012 tax years) 2011-Jul-27
Dilution Tunnel Testing EPA Testing Update – Dilution Tunnel Particulate Measurements at the GARN test lab 2010-Jul-25
GARN EPA Testing – Parts 1-3 EPA Testing Updates – Part 1: ASTM Test Method, Part 2: Cribwood Testing, Part 3: Cordwood Testing 2010-May-18
What is the Real Cost? Save time and money with an  efficient wood unit (such as GARN WHS).  Spend your free time doing things you love. 2009-Dec-01
Water Quality and pH Basics on water chemisty – what’s important to look for and monitor 2009-Nov-01
Going Green Conservation and efficient combustion is the key to being Green 2009-Sep-10
Thermal Shock GARN WHS equipment is not susceptible to thermal shock. 2009-Aug-01
Issues with stack height regulations Tall stacks mean: safety, structural, and performance issues. 2008-Jul-12
Why Thermal Storage? Thermal storage gives you: peak efficiency, off-peak heating capability, easy connection to heating system 2008-Mar-01



GARN in the News


Article Publication Date
Heating an Artist Retreat in Wyoming (see bottom of page 2 under “Alternative Energy”) Ucross Newsletter (Ucross, WY) 2008-Nov-01
Ionia revisits wood as fuel Peninsula Clarion (Ionia, AK) 2008-Mar-20
Energy Sovereignty TAOS News (Taos, NM) 2008-Mar-12
Clearing the Air: Outdoor Wood Boilers Face Regulation Northern Woodlands 2008-Mar-01