Frequently Asked Questions

Can the GARN units be placed outside?

No. The GARN WHS needs to be placed in a weatherized structure.  Care must be taken to prevent freezing of pipes and pumps in the structure if the structure is not heated.

Can GARN unites be installed in a basement below grade?

Technically yes, but not recommended except under special circumstances. A walkout basement is preferred because the flue can exit directly to outdoors.

Can GARN units be horizontally vented?

Yes. Check with your local code officials to see if it is allowed in your area.

How many years has GARN been in business?

GARN units have been manufactured since 1983.

How are the GARN units manufactured?

GARN units are manufactured from grit-blasted mild steel. All seams are double-welded water side and outside for strength and durability. Each GARN WHS unit is pressure tested before it leaves the factory, giving you the assurance of zero leaks.

Are parts available?

Yes. All GARN replacement parts are available online at our parts store.

Can you use outdoor air for combustion?

Yes. All GARN units use outdoor air for combustion.

Is there maintenance for the GARN WHS units?

Yes. Once per year the following maintenance should be performed:

  • A water sample should be taken and sent to Precision Chem for testing (address is in the GARN manual).
  • All clean-out covers should be removed and the heat exchanger brushed clean.
  • Blower motor should be cleaned with compressed air.
  • All gaskets should be inspected and replaced as required.

See maintenance videos showing some of the proper methods under Resources › › Videos. All replacement parts are available online at our parts store.

What type of heating systems does the GARN WHS interface with?

The GARN WHS units are versatile. They can be connected to hydronic baseboard, radiators, forced-air fan coils, radiant floor systems, and domestic water or process heating.

How can I order a GARN WHS unit?

Send us a request with your contact information and we will have one of our certified GARN Representatives contact you!