Sequencer (16.5 kW) P-0143

$ 947.00



The 16.5 kW sequencer includes:

  • Sequencer box (90 amp, 240V, Single Phase)
  • Bank of 3 Breakers (30 amp each), pre-wired to a bank of time-delay relays.
    • A single bank of time-delay relays allows for hookup to a maximum of 3 electric elements at 5.5 kW each.
  • Hi Limit Switch (factory set at 190°F – NOT ajustable)
  • Qty (6 + Extras) Crimp connectors for #10 stranded wire – a pair of crimp connectors is required for each element.
  • Newest version of the GARN WHS Controller computer processor chip.

The required 10 AWG wire from sequencer box to the elements is NOT included and must be provided by others.

NOTE: An electric element package (part # P-098P-099, or P-0100) are required to  have an operational electric heating package.  Read more about how the electric sequencer package works in the Electric Heating Package Manual:

Electric Heating Package Manual

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 14.25 × 3.75 in