Fresh Air Damper P-0070

$ 231.00


Fresh Air Damper:

  • The fresh air damper is designed to open when you start a fire.  When the fire is gone and the controller turns the blower off, the damper closes to prevent heat loss from the flue stack effect.  Recommended for vertical unit installations.
  • Damper is installed on the fresh air inlet duct and attached directly to the GARN. See GARN owners Manual for installation details.
  • Duct diameter: 7 inch
  • Power: 24VAC
  • Normally Closed
  • Power Open/Spring Closed, with End Switch (red wires).
  • Use only with the GARN DIGITAL Controller.
  • Field wired with 18ga thermostat wire to the Motor (yellow wires) and End Switch (red wires) terminals on the GARN Digital Controller circuit board.

Wire color:

  • Red = End Switch
  • Yellow = Motor

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 12 in