Manway Cover, Two Part Split P-0122

$ 195.00


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Manway cover, two part split Galvanized cover with 1” x 72” gasket (P-0011) and full faced gasket (P-0123) Complete Assembly, Fits all units with a manway collar.
The split manway cover is a new generation manway cover that adds a number of benefits to the existing spun cover design. The split cover comes with a high-temperature, full-face gasket. The gasket protects the galvanized cover and soft gasket from corrosion and wear and will provide years of service for both gaskets. The split cover is separated into two pieces allowing the operator to look inside the tank without disturbing the float sensor switch. Older units will have the spun (concave) cover but the split cover will retrofit to any GARN WHS unit with a manway collar.

The video shows the obsolete EDPM Gasket which has been replace by the full face Teflon gasket  (P-0129).

Refer to the “SPLIT MANWAY COVER” section of the GARN owner manual for details.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 4 in