Revisiting Ernie’s GARN WHS-2000

Posted on Apr 13, 2016

On April 5th we revisited GARN WHS owner Ernie of YouTube fame. We wanted to see how Ernie was doing with his 25 year old unit.


Ernie’s GARN WHS-2000 in 2016


Ernie’s WHS-2000 in 2000

  • His unit is now 25 years old with no major problems.
  • His unit burns as well in 2016 as it did in 1991 when it was installed.
  • He has never had creosote.
  • He heats 5,100 sq ft using about 11 cords of marginal quality cordwood per year.
  • He has eliminated the purchase of 50,000 gallons of heating oil (2000 gallons/year).
  • He remains healthy because of his wood cutting efforts.

We asked Ernie (mid-eighties young) if we could return in another 16 years for another update. He agreed. Not much else can be said…….he is a man of his word and we will be back.