Firebrick Rating and Availability – December 2020

Posted on Dec 6, 2020

Both the #1 and #2 Hi-duty splits can be purchased online from the GARN store. Each GARN® WHS unit has a combination of #1 and #2 brick splits. #1 splits are the thinner 4.5” x 9”x 1.25” brick that stand on edge along the sides of the combustion chamber. The #2 splits are the thicker 4.5”x 9”x 2” brick that lie transversely on the bottom of the combustion chamber. Because of the high temperatures experienced in the combustion chamber only Hi-duty firebrick (rated to 2,700 F or higher) are recommended. All brick sold in the GARN store have been upgraded by our supplier to a maximum service temperature of 2,850 F. Standard “fireplace” brick does not have the Hi-duty rating, thus will not survive in GARN WHS equipment.

The GARN store will continue to offer both #1 and #2 splits rated to 2,850 F. However, only #2 splits will be stocked. #1 splits will not be stocked but will be available on a two-week notice. In either case, shipping will be an added cost.